• Do you have a store in Cambridge

  • I would like to know about Keto diet life styleplease advise.

    Munaza Ahsan
  • My husband and I purchased a cream brule and a cookie for my daughter while we were at Q.bbq ,I guess I did not read the menu properly , that all that is advertised for yous there is not dairy free even though I understood it to be! needless to say neither her or myself can even try it.

    crystal will
  • In preparation for major knee surgery, I joined a group that “sold” the keto WOE … And it worked! Quickly!! Checking in every week with my coach kept me accountable and only seeing the scales once a week made for anxious excitement. More importantly though were the inches. When the week produced zero weight loss but two more inches gone, I had the motivation to keep going. Now, a year post surgery and no longer with that protocol, the weight and the inches have crept back … Not totally, but enough to feel discouraged. I tried keto-ing on my own but there’s really no accountability that way. So my son and I do it together … 5 hours apart, but connected every night for food tracking, sharing recipes, encouraging when days are good and bad. I find the buddy system to be very helpful, so if you can find someone as motivated as you are, your team strength will keep you going.

    Heather Spencer-Stoltz
  • Eat real food, 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. Take lots of progress pictures and measurements and don’t obsess over the scale. Research like your life depended on it, and find a mentor that you can emulate. I love Dr. Ken Berry and Maria Emmerich.

    Kim Johnston

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