• In preparation for major knee surgery, I joined a group that “sold” the keto WOE … And it worked! Quickly!! Checking in every week with my coach kept me accountable and only seeing the scales once a week made for anxious excitement. More importantly though were the inches. When the week produced zero weight loss but two more inches gone, I had the motivation to keep going. Now, a year post surgery and no longer with that protocol, the weight and the inches have crept back … Not totally, but enough to feel discouraged. I tried keto-ing on my own but there’s really no accountability that way. So my son and I do it together … 5 hours apart, but connected every night for food tracking, sharing recipes, encouraging when days are good and bad. I find the buddy system to be very helpful, so if you can find someone as motivated as you are, your team strength will keep you going.

    Heather Spencer-Stoltz
  • Eat real food, 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. Take lots of progress pictures and measurements and don’t obsess over the scale. Research like your life depended on it, and find a mentor that you can emulate. I love Dr. Ken Berry and Maria Emmerich.

    Kim Johnston
  • I learned as much as I could about Keto from Facebook groups, Pinterest and YouTube videos before I started. When I felt prepared then I started eating whole foods and eliminating carbs and sugar. I never tracked anything but still lost weight. I will never go back to eating heavy carbs and sugar again.

    Wendy Sinden
  • I eat “ lazy keto” as i enjoy too many foods that aren’t keto friendly but i also drink ketones so I get the same benefits as eating full keto! There are lots of keto recipes that are very yummy to replace regular recipe and just as easy or easier to make. Lots of recipe online :)

  • Sit down with someone you know who is already doing it. Take notes, listen to what they have to say, ask for help setting up My Fitness Pal, ask, ask, ask questions, find out what to eat to get you started. The more info you have the better, it’s easier once you get going but you need to understand the basics and the tools to get you going. Good luck!!

    Shelley Eckert

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