#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - Boston Cream

#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - Boston Cream

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Our famous #Keto Gourmet Cupcakes!

Boston Cream Another Sugar Daddies Bakery’s take on this classic Boston Cream. Inspired by their recent trip to Boston, there’s no better way than make their own Keto version and share it with everyone. Our very-own vanilla cupcake base filled with Bavarian pastry cream (in-house of course), you won’t miss our famous mascarpone cream to complete the experience and get that crunch from roasted pistachios on a coco-choco sauce. Need we say more? 

We bet you can't tell they have no sugar!!!  Our cupcakes taste just like the traditionally sugar-filled cupcakes with a cake base, and lots of toppings!  

SAVE $7.52 when you buy a six pack!  Each cupcake is discounted by $0.63 AND you pay no HST!

Build your mixed 6-pack here  https://sugardaddiesbakery.ca/products/gourmet-cupcakes-mixed-6-pack-online


4g Net Carbs (18g Carbs - 4g Fiber - 10g Sugar Alcohols), Calories 329 kcal, Fat 31g, Protein 8g


Almond Flour, Baking Powder (Cream of Tartar, Innulin, Baking Soda) Swerve, Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Protein Powder, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Butter, Almond Milk, Mascarpone, Heavy Cream, Coconut Oil, Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Chips, Xanthan Gum, Pistachios.