#KETO Swirl Border Celebration Cake

#KETO Swirl Border Celebration Cake

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#sugarfree, #keto, #gluten-free

This cake requires 7 days advanced notice to prepare based on capacity.  

Less than 7 days advanced notice?  Call our order desk (226-566-9701) to determine if we have capacity to prepare with less notice.

Cakes are only available for Cambridge or Hamilton store pickup.

This all-natural 7" diameter double-layer Keto celebration cake is to die for!   

All colouring and ingredients for our cakes are all-natural.  You will not see bright colours as a result.

Recommended Serving: 12 pieces 

** Important Disclaimer **
Sugar Daddies Bakery would not be held liable for any mishandling made by Penguin Pickup. It is highly recommended that cake orders be placed for home delivery or Cambridge store pickup.

Nutritional Information:

Due to the nature of making cakes, our macros are estimated based on 12 servings, each serving is:

Cake base and filling:  354 calories, 33.8g fat, 3.25 Net Carbs (5.25 carbs minus 2g fibre), 7.25g protein

Buttercream Frosting: TBD


Almond flour, vanilla extract, erythritol, almond milk, eggs, protein powder, unsalted butter, Keto baking powder.