#KETO Chocolate Caramel Celebration Cake

#KETO Chocolate Caramel Celebration Cake

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This cake requires 7 days advanced notice to prepare based on capacity.  

Less than 7 days advanced notice?  Call our order desk (226-566-9701) to determine if we have capacity to prepare with less notice.

Cakes are only available for Cambridge or Hamilton store pickup.

This all-natural 7" diameter double-layer Keto celebration cake is to die for!   

Our Chocolate Caramel celebration cake features Sugar Daddies Bakery caramel filling, chocolate frosting, caramel drizzle on top.

Recommended Serving: 12 pieces 

Nutritional Information:

Due to the nature of making cakes, our macros are estimated based on 12 servings, each serving is:

Cake base and filling:  354 calories, 33.8g fat, 3.25 Net Carbs (5.25 carbs minus 2g fibre), 7.25g protein

Buttercream Frosting: TBD


Almond flour, vanilla extract, erythritol, almond milk, eggs, protein powder, unsalted butter, Keto baking powder.