#Keto Cookies and Cream  Pronut (Singles)

#Keto Cookies and Cream Pronut (Singles)

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This new flavour will definitely cave that oreo craving! Enjoy our pillowy and soft pronut (protein donut), filled with creamy cookies and cream and topped with ‘oreo’ crumbs to complete the look. Everyone else is raving about it! Absolutely delicious!  


Each Pronut is 2 servings.

1 Serving:  528kcal, 7 Net Carbs (36g Carbohydrates – 9g Fibre – 20g Sugar Alcohols), 52g Fat, 17g Protein


Almond flour, whey protein powder, psyllium husk, xantham gum, cream of tartar, baking soda, inulin fiber, erythritol, sea salt, eggs, 35 % heavy cream, coconut flour, cocoa powder, mascarpone cheese, vanilla extract