#Keto Creme Brulee (2 Pack)
#Keto Creme Brulee (2 Pack)

#Keto Creme Brulee (2 Pack)

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#sugarfree, #glutenfree, #keto

Breaking through crème brûlée’s crispy caramelized top into a thick creamy custard base is pure bliss. Heavy cream gives this classic recipe its silky, rich quality that's like no other dessert.  It is normally served slightly chilled.

We recommend serving topped with your favourite keto fruit.

2 Creme Brulee per package


Each Creme Brulee:  Each Creme Brulee:  250 Calories, 25g Fat, 6g Protein, 3.5g Carbs, 1g Fibre, 2.5g Net Carbs


Egg Yolks, Heavy 35% Cream, Vanilla Extract, Natural Sweetners (Erythritol)