FELLAS Our Brand Ambassador Program


We value our customers and appreciate the personal stories we all share when we meet.

David and Greg are very excited to announce our BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM - FELLAS!

FELLAS is Named after the nickname one of our customers gave us early in our journey.

Starting February 1, all orders on our website will automatically earn points towards #freeproduct, #discounts, and #sugardaddiesbakeryswag.

Our Top-Tier Customer Advocate Program will be available and unlocks the opportunity to try our newest products before anyone else! More details on this program will be announced soon.

Check your point balance on our website - you might be surprised to see some bonus points showup sometime!

Here is how you EARN points:

- Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on our website
- Earn 200 points every time you refer a friend who spends over $25
- Earn 100 points when you setup an account on our website
- Earn 200 points when you visit Sugar Daddies Bakery and "LIKE" our Facebook Page
- Earn 100 points when you share a post from our Facebook Page
- Specials will be posted giving you an opportunity to earn BONUS points on products throughout the month.

Here is how you SPEND points:

$5 off for 500 points
$10 off for 1,000 points
$25 off for $2,500 points

Get FREE delivery for 500 points

Sugar Daddies Bakery Swag will be available soon too!