#Keto Cakesicle - Raspberry Dark Chocolate

#Keto Cakesicle - Raspberry Dark Chocolate

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This much-awaited cakesicle flavour is finally here! Enjoy a chocolate-coated chocolate cake with a delicious layer of raspberry compote and topped with dehydrated raspberries to finish off the flavour profile and experience!

Note:  This product does not count towards discount on Cupcake bundles.


Almond Flour, Unsalted Butter, Coconut Oil, Raspberries, Keto Baking Powder, Erythritol, Protein Powder, Cocoa Powder, Eggs, Pure Vanilla Extract, Almond Milk, Salt


Each Cakesicle is two servings.

Each Serving:  265 Cal, 3g Net Carbs (16g Carbs – 7g Fiber – 6g Sugar Alcohols), 4g Protein, 24g Fat