#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - Nutella Hot Chocolate (6 Pack)

#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - Nutella Hot Chocolate (6 Pack)

Sugar Daddies Bakery by David and Greg
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#sugarfree, #keto, #gluten-free, #freezersafe

Our famous #Keto Gourmet Cupcakes!

Nutella Hot chocolate! Are you one of those awesome people that buy a tub of Nutella for the purpose of eating the whole jar while watching Netflix? ‍

We bet you can't tell they have no sugar!!!  Our cupcakes taste just like the traditionally sugar-filled cupcakes with a cake base, and lots of toppings!  


6 Cupcakes per package


Coming Soon.  Consult the Nutritional Fact Table on the product.

A listing of all our Gourmet Cupcake Macros is available here.

Almond Flour, Baking Powder, Swerve, Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Butter, Almond Milk, Heavy Cream, Mascarpone, Geltain, Bocha Sweet, Hazelnuts.