#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - Strawberry Shortcake
#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - Strawberry Shortcake

#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - Strawberry Shortcake

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Our famous #Keto Gourmet Cupcakes!

This is an upgraded version of our Strawberry Funfetti from Winter 2020 Collection. The flavour profile inspiration came from Strawberry sundae. Our signature vanilla cupcake is filled with strawberry preserve, vanilla Chantilly mascarpone frosting, and topped with dehydrated strawberry chips.

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Calories 297 kcal, Net Carbs 3.4g (Carbs 8g - Fiber 4.6g), Fat 35g, Protein 8g  

A listing of all our Gourmet Cupcake Macros is available here.


Almond flour, swerve, vanilla protien powder, baking powder, salt, eggs, almond milk, vanilla extract, unsalted butter, strawberry compote, strawberries, heavy cream