#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes -  White Chocolate & Raspberry

#Keto Gourmet Cupcakes - White Chocolate & Raspberry

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Our famous #Keto Gourmet Cupcakes!

What a great flavour profile! This vanilla cupcake base is filled with our very-own white chocolate sauce (yes, you heard it right!), frosted with vanilla-raspberry compote. Delightful as it sounds, your 2 favourite combo will definitely be a crowd pleaser. 


We bet you can't tell they have no sugar!!!  Our cupcakes taste just like the traditionally sugar-filled cupcakes with a cake base, and lots of toppings!  


274 Calories, 9.4g fat, 0.5g Protein, Net Carbs 3g (Carbs 17g - 4g Fibre - 10g Sugar Alcohol)


Almond Flour, Erythritol, Keto Baking Powder, Protein Powder, Vanilla Extract, Eggs, Unsalted Butter, Almond Milk, Sugar-Free White Chocolate, 35% Heavy Cream, Xantham Gum, Raspberry, Mascarpone Cheese