Switchel (Case of 4) by Remedy

Switchel (Case of 4) by Remedy

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Switchel- Blood Orange : A healthy version of a certain orange fizzy from childhood. Juicy, intense and tangy with just a touch of tartness, this is a smooth, full bodied bevvie with bold and beautiful flavours that favour the brave and the thirsty.


Switchel- Blood Orange 330 ML : 148KJ, Protein <1g, Fat <1g, 7.9g Carbs, Sugar 0g, Sodium <5mg

 Switchel- Blood Orange 250 ML : 113KJ, Protein <1g, Fat <1g, 6g Carbs, Sugar 0g, Sodium <5mg 


Switchel- Blood Orange : Certified organic raw switchel (pure water, organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic ginger), all-natural sweetener (organic erythritol), organic hibiscus, blood orange extract (all-natural flavour), honey extract (all-natural flavour), organic lemon, all-natural organic sweetener (steviol glycosides).