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  • Peppermint-Chocolate Cheesecake

  • Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Keto
  • Cranberry White-Chocolate Bar

  • Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Keto
  • Raspberry Cheesecake

  • Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Keto

Peppermint-Chocolate Cheesecake

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Keto Order For Delivery

Cranberry White-Chocolate Bar

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Keto Order For Delivery

Raspberry Cheesecake

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Keto Order For Delivery

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About Sugar Daddies Bakery

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Handcrafted Goods

We work with local suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients, and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality.  Even the lemons in our Lemon Squares are hand-squeezed to ensure freshness and flavour authenticity.

Our goal is to make your tastebuds happy!  ALL of our products are Keto-Friendly, grain free, 100% gluten-free, and made in a gluten-free facility! All of our products are naturally sweetened without the use of cane sugar.  

We have a variety of Keto friendly treats and meals that are sure to satisfy.  Please contact us if you have any question about the ingredients we bake with. 

Welcome to Canada's Sugar-Free Dessert Specialists!

The "Real Ingredient" Difference

Our bakers start work before the sun rises each day to ensure that every batch is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. Ok maybe not always before the sun rises - but you get the point.   

Each item we sell is made from "real ingredients".  

We took our favorite desserts and treats, and changed the ingredients to provide healthy alternatives for our customers.  

How It All Began

Sugar Daddies Bakery Inc. by David and Greg is a bakery based in Cambridge, Ontario with delivery, pickup, and retail-partner locations across much of Ontario. 

Started in 2018 after losing more than 130 lbs combined in 6 months following a Ketogenic lifestyle, David and Greg, our founders, wanted to share their success and love for food with others interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. 

From small beginnings at a local craft show, they now share their products with you across Canada.

All of our menu items are keto-friendly, 100% gluten-free, grain-free, and naturally sweetened with low-glycemic sweeteners.   Our collection of treats are sure to satisfy.  

All of our baking is done in a Health-certified kitchen, and our staff have been certified in proper food handling practices.  Only Gluten-free products are allowed in our kitchen.  Our products are Celiac-safe.

We proudly serve many retail partners across Ontario.  Our partners can be found here:  https://sugardaddiesbakery.ca/pages/store-locator

Sugar Free Never Tasted This Good!


Thanks, guys for making such delicious products available to us KETO/Low Carb folks, it is truly appreciated. I wish someone in Guelph would pick up on this type of thing, but alas no one has. I don't mind driving the short drive over to you anyway and I appreciated the deliveries during "normal times".  You are my new favourite "go to" KETO place for sure.

Charlene D

This afternoon I serendipitously witnessed an extraordinarily magical display of community awesomeness unfold before my very eyes, with an almost ballet perfection. The normally average parking lots livelihood was unusually on-fire this day with joyous aspiration, intrigue and Easter bunny pizazz. Each and every curb-side delivery from this home-grown bakery of Sugar succulence was whipped out in an indescribably miraculous display of bakery beautification, spot on to the mouth watering customers patiently awaiting. Cool beans.


This was my first time trying out Keto baked goods and they were delicious! I’ve been on keto for 7 weeks now and so happy I got to enjoy a dessert along with my family on Mother’s Day without cheating! My favourites were the cheesecake and the lemon blueberry cupcake! I cannot wait to try out more :) 


...the f*****g angels are singing! Thank you Sugar Daddies not only for all your other treats but for the amazing butter tarts!

Nancy L

Love the food. No longer on keto but the customer service is what keeps us coming back.

Thanks so much.

Tricia D

Greg and David! Thanks so much, I have been sugar free for many years and I had a killer craving (must be all this free time). Just picked up my order and I’m so happy they’re so delicious. My favourite is the Nanaimo bars - Greg recommended them to me.

Thanks for everything. Hope you’re staying safe :)

Arabela T

I really love that you started this bakery. Also thank you for the email and appreciating my business. I will continue to order from you till I have tried everything on the menu. Then just my favourites lol. Again thank you for everything you do. It’s so nice to be able to have treats on my Birthday at a time like these. Little things keep me smiling. Stay safe and have a wonderful day. 

Beverly M

About a month and a half to two months ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I went on a desperate search to find some place that I could still get the treats I enjoy but  sugar free and at a good price and you guys are the only bakery that I could find that has a good variety of sugar-free and good prices thank you so much


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